It's all in your head
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Lil bit of home always with me. Love you mamma and dad 🍁🍃 beautiful job done by kate at rileys tattoo studio x

me every morning.

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I have 2 assignments to get done asap also a massive exam next monday on shit I don’t understand that I need to study for and my mental state at the moment is completely fucked. Eg last night I started crying to my boyfriend because I was hungry, this morning I started crying because I slept in and missed my lift to the gym and about an hour ago I cried because there were dishes in the sink. I am a joke today but on a plus side I have my first tattoo sesh tomorrow afternoon (4 whole hours fuck) but I am probs, no definitely gonna cry like a lil bitch then too.

You broke me while I was trying to fix myself.
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