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Lil bit of home always with me. Love you mamma and dad 🍁🍃 beautiful job done by kate at rileys tattoo studio x
Hi meet Tupac the bunny wabbit x
Last night got out of hand way to fast oops
Happy birthday baeeee @gldaniels 💕
NO EXTENSIONS yay hairs growing✨💁

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☀good morning☀I’m spending my Friday working 13 hours today (perks of having 2 jobs lol) and the rest of the weekend unfortunately too. But it’s okay because today I’m feeling positive and happy so hopefully this feeling lasts. Ps can’t wait to see you @freya_ebony x
Mandatory photo 😂 (at Bounce Inc)
Oi I love you ai 😍 #baby
And it isn’t that I’m so unhappy I don’t want to live anymore. That’s not what it feels like. It feels more like I’m tired and bored and the party’s gone on too long and I want to go home. I feel flat and there doesn’t seem to be anything to look forward to, so I’d rather call it a day.
written by Nick Hornby, About a Boy (via 13neighbors)

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I’m never having children because i never want to bring another person into this world with the mental and behavioural genetics of this fucking family

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Just want to stay on bed and watch gossip girl 💀
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☀summer bodies are made in winter☀