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I have 2 assignments to get done asap also a massive exam next monday on shit I don’t understand that I need to study for and my mental state at the moment is completely fucked. Eg last night I started crying to my boyfriend because I was hungry, this morning I started crying because I slept in and missed my lift to the gym and about an hour ago I cried because there were dishes in the sink. I am a joke today but on a plus side I have my first tattoo sesh tomorrow afternoon (4 whole hours fuck) but I am probs, no definitely gonna cry like a lil bitch then too.

Hi meet Tupac the bunny wabbit x
Happy places out of my fkd up head
Delish lil lunch for my hungover ass before work today ughhhhh
🌊🌊🌊 we always at the beach x (at Scabrough Beach)
Last night got out of hand way to fast oops
Happy birthday baeeee @gldaniels πŸ’•
NO EXTENSIONS yay hairs growingβœ¨πŸ’
My man is amazing and needs to stop buying me flowers and making me tea when im sick and running around after me and he’s perfect 😍😍😍😍

official statement from me i have met my soul mate

ok good night



So I just wrote this for my Math teacher and I felt it was appropriate. Someone’s got to speak out for us right?

Just an hour after I posted this a police officer took me to the office and they talked to me about this because my teacher turned it in. So I got in trouble but I refused to take the post down because this is so important to me. We don’t have many people speaking out against mental illnesses and we have to start somewhere.

THIS is exactly why I studied youth work, THIS is exactly why I am working at a high school and exactly why I am currently completing a degree in teaching. Teachers are so fucked and have no idea and they need to change.