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Oi nah but can someone throw me off a bridge. Woke up feelin’ so shit today 😔✂💀

i want to be slutty but only with one person u feel me

My life

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Spoilt myself this afternoon 📖☀ (at Oxford St Books)
Happy 4th birthday to my lil ray of sunshine. Brought her makeup/jewelery/sunnies so maybe she’ll stop wanting all of aunty Zoe’s. Love you Daisy Violet x

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man can someone just come and wrITE THIS ESSAY FOR ME plz fuck

This mornings workout got me fkd 😥🔫 2000 word essay to get done today and just feel like going shopping………

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As you get older you realise how fucked up your family is, which explains why your so mentally unstable in more than one way. Everyone seemed so much more stronger when I was young. I want to be oblivious again, I don’t want to see people I love crumble anymore.